Need some assistance from experienced authors to make sure your fanon is up to high standards? You've come to the right place! Here, any author who feels he or she is in need of help regarding grammar, spelling, and structure of his or her fanon may request help from the Fanonbenders. When we get to your story, we will edit one chapter each, and offer advice and tips for the future regarding errors we've found throughout the work. As long as you meet the objective requirements (see below) and are committed to your story, you can sign up!


  1. The fanon in need of assistance must be active for a minimum of one month.
  2. The fanon must have over 10,000 words (approximately) of published material. Only chapter pages count towards this minimum, but we may also edit pages for characters, locations, etc.
  3. The author requesting help must have a plan for his or her story.
  4. The author must also be fully committed to the fanon.
  5. Authors should respect the critique received by the Fanonbenders. You are allowed to disagree, but keep in mind that we are simply trying to help and are not out to criticize anyone.
  6. The Fanonbenders are not simply an easy spell-check or a way to get experienced authors to read your fanon. We are only interested in helping authors who are truly dedicated to their story.

Sign Up!

If you meet the requirements above and would like our help, sign up for a two-week time slot by listing your fanon and username here!
Please don't add your own dates in; we will post open slots periodically.