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Painting Aang

Does your fanon feel a little dull with text alone? Wish you had more "life" to your words? Ever wondered what it'd be like to actually see your beloved characters? 

No worries, the Fanon Illustrator Insignia is right here!

The FII is a group sporting skilled illustrators who will create custom, self-made pictures for your fanon upon request. Don't hesitate to ask, because there's no limit to how many you can request! Our work includes screenshot-style images, titlecards, separate character portraits, or a combination. You may scroll down to drop your fanon's name and a link to your story under one of the group member's schedules. Once your request is carried out, we'll notify you shortly and send it over for your free use. We promise your fanon will look awesome with the addition of our artwork - though its success still depends on your writing quality. 

Current Members



The outgoing, crazy, creative, and rookie user who enjoys drawing more than writing. He basically became notorious in his school for his comics, which mainly focuses on genres such as crime and revenge. Quite impressive on photoshop, although much a skillfull artist by hand. Will accept any request from any fanon of any genre. And has a bit of struggle drawing dog-ish animals, but is improving at a fast rate. Appreciates patient clients, for art is something that cannot be rushed. Inactive


Illustrator known for her Asian-ness in Chinese translations, and also for her comical Chakomics. Can do most mediums of hand drawing, and has a handy Wacom bamboo tablet in addition to Paint Tools SAI for computer drawings. Schedule shifts and changes like a howling storm. Literally. Inactive


A Japanese illustrator who is massively inspired by the art of her homeland, being the main style of her work. The tools of the trade; Wacom Drawing-pad, Manga Studio 5 and imagination. Focusing mainly on figure drawing and elements of design, i.e. front covers. I am able and willing to drawing animals, environments and weapons - I'm open to fight scene also, but please refer on what you want illustrated with in the scene and/or design, other wise I may create something you do not like! Active


The random, ghostly pointy-hat girl lurking in the fanon portal, whose love for art rivals her obsession with writing...and even the Dai Li. Tools of the trade include any combination of the following: Wacom Bamboo tablet, iOS's Procreate for iPad + Adonit Jot Touch 4 Stylus, Photoshop CS5, Paint Tool SAI, Copic Markers (for traditional)...etc. Focuses on figure drawing but will take on background/scenery requests as well. Contact at your own risk, as ridiculous patience is required for completion time :> Inactive


Illustration Requirements

  • Members of the FII have the right to refuse any art style or type of illustration of their choice. They are also not obligated to accept every request presented to them.
  • Guidelines for illustration requests are also permitted, which may relate to the client's fanon or request procedure.
  • Illustrators are not permitted to have requirements that relate to or benefit their activities outside of the Fanon Illustrator Insignia, which include (but are not limited to): any form of support to a fanon, voting, and interacting with other usergroups.

Balancing real life and Avatar Wiki activities can be very hard and challenging. Unfortunately, studies will become to stressful for some of us illustrators. We know how you feel. If other obligations demand your attention, don't hesitate to step down from illustrations if they're a burden. However, you are expected to adhere to the following guidelines if you choose to resign:

  1. All requests in your schedule must be completed. You can stop accepting illustration requests and take as long as you need to finish the ones you already started, but we cannot leave any users who have scheduled their fanon(s) behind.
  2. You are required to leave a message on our talk page with the reason for your departure; doing so will inform the rest of your fellow members as to the circumstances surrounding your resignation.

After that, you're good to go! Page updating will be taken care of accordingly. If you have an emergency that includes or that will result in leaving the FII, exceptions can be made to the above rules.


This user is a member of the Fanon Illustrator Insignia.

Show off your artist pride! Feel free to copy/paste {{User Fanon Illustrator Insignia}} to your user profile after you've officially joined the crew.


There are currently no open spots available in the Fanon Illustrator Insignia. However, if you love drawing, are comfortable with custom requests, and wish to help bring Avatar Wiki's fanons to life, we encourage you to check periodically! See the membership request page here.

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