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B-class articles are articles of high standard written to a professional exemplar. They are denoted by the Earth King's hat icon.

This recognition is separate from featured articles, which are articles that have been, or are featured on the main page. They are also different than A-class articles, in the sense that B-class are articles of good quality that have been chosen to enhance their visibility whereas A-class are articles of excellent quality.

B-class articles are promoted and demoted by the users that make up the Standards Council.

Procedure for B-class articles

  1. Any member of the Standards Council nominates an article for promotion using Template:BCnominated.
  2. Article is reviewed by the council, and checked for major errors or omissions.
  3. If the article is approved by the panel, i.e. more than half of them think it is deserving, it will be added to the B-class category and the Earth King's hat icon will be applied.
  4. If article standards are not kept, members of the "B-class article" panel can freely nominate pages for demotion. If the panel thinks the article is no longer worthy, it will lose the hat.

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