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Sons and Daughters is the second of four fan-fictions written by Mageddon725.

Sons and Daughters is a pre-LoK fanon chronicling the adventures of the children of Team Avatar in Republic City, feautring the rise of the Equalists and the Pro Bending Circuit. Set over two decades after Mage's debut fanfic, Avatar- Aftermath and Burning Earth, it is a bridge between that fanon and the highly anticipated Legend of Korra. With expertly written plot-twists and a strong sense of nostalgia, you will get hooked very easily.

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Best Hangover Ever 2 is a Kainora fanon one-shot written by prolific one-shot writer, AvatarAang7.

After her engagement crashes and burns, Jinora and Kai quickly become friends with benefits. What neither of them could have predicted, was that Jinora would become pregnant. AvatarAang makes each scene, each event and each run of dialogue meaningful, and what he manages to create here is definitely worthy of reading.

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