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The featured fanon series this month is one of Fruipit's distinguished short series centered around characters that are based in the Avatar universe, and with the overarching theme of the "Seven Deadly Sins". Although the story has a handful of chapters that have been published already, not all of the sins have been represented yet, so it's clear that there are more entries to look forward to in the future!

Seven has captured the attention of a variety of readers on the fanon portal, and represents an always-growing genre as a collection of one-shots. Taking us below the surface level of each character and their drive and troubles, Fruipit's story allows us to get a feel for their pain and what makes them human. A recommended read for anyone looking for something new and refreshing.

Shí Miàn Mái Fú


Shí Miàn Mái Fú is the enticing sixteenth chapter of Fruipit's long-running fanon series Drive-ins, an AU Tokka story set in a modern setting. The events of this particular chapter were long-anticipated and the setting and the overall atmosphere of this chapter were handled beautifully and executed well by the author, making it very much worthy of this month's feature.

Readers found great writing in the comprehensive descriptions and the sound plot development and action that was coordinated together here. Definitely worthy of the praise that it has received, it's clear that this chapter will not leave those who choose to read it disappointed.

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