Avatar toy collection

An Avatar toy collection.

The Avatar: The Last Airbender toyline is mainly made up of action figures released while the series was originally airing. They were released in three different sets more commonly known by their elemental distinctions:

  • The Air Series (2005)
  • The Water Series (2006)
  • The Fire Series (never released in the United States)

Most of the toys varied from $7 to $10 in price, whilst the special toys went up to about $15; the original LEGO prices are specified below. The toys are no longer produced, and thus can be rare to find and expensive to buy. Nonetheless, unopened toys can still be found and purchased on eBay, Amazon, ToyWiz, and other merchandise-selling websites.

Air Series

Air Series Zuko toy

6" Zuko Air Series toy.

The Air Series was the first of the Avatar Toy Series. It is known to include the following toys:


Fire Assault Zuko toy

10" Fire Assault Zuko.

  • 10" Ultimate Avatar Aang
  • 10" Fire Assault Zuko
  • Air Glider (Toys "R" Us Exclusive) (includes Aang)
  • Appa with Air-launching Aang
  • Battle Benders: Air Cannon Aang
  • Battle Benders: Fire Blast Zuko
  • Double Pack: Bumi and Aang (Toys "R" Us Exclusive)
  • Double Pack: Roku and Aang (fully transparent versions) (Toys "R" Us Exclusive)
  • Flame Dragon and Avatar Roku[1]
  • Fire Rhino & Firebending Soldier

Water Series

Blue Spirit toy

Blue Spirit toy.

The Water Series was the second of the Avatar Toy Series. Some of the toys released in the Water Series are re-releases of toys released in the Air series. It is known to include the following toys:

  • Admiral Zhao
  • Airbending Aang (with Momo)
  • Arctic Stealth Zuko
  • Avatar Roku's Spirit Dragon (no Roku included)
  • Battle Benders: Water Attack Aang
  • Battle Damaged Aang
  • Battle Damaged Zuko
  • Blue Spirit
  • Bumi
  • Jet
  • Spirit World Aang (version two)
  • War Paint Sokka
  • Water Vortex Aang


Air glider with Sokka

An air glider with a Sokka action figure.

  • Air Glider (no Aang)
  • Avatar Small Scenes
    • Kyoshi Showdown
    • Siege of the North
      • Appa
      • Fire Nation Warship
      • Fire Nation Tank
      • Spirit of the Ocean
  • Battle Benders: Air Cannon Aang
  • Battle Benders: Ice Attack Aang
  • Battle Benders: Fire Blast Zuko
  • Fire Rhino (no soldier)
  • Rippin' Combat Crashers: Airball Aang
  • Rippin' Combat Crashers: Fireball Zuko

Fire Series

Royal Guard toy

Royal Procession Guard from the Fire Series.

The following toys are parts of the Fire Series of the Avatar toys release. The following series was created with no intent to be released in the United States even before production started. Katara was planned to be released in the following series, but since the toys were never produced in the United States, she was never added to the series. The series was known to be released in non-American countries such as Brazil, Portugal, and others. It included the following toys:


  • Battle Launchers: Aang and Momo
  • Animal Armor: Dragon Armor Aang
  • Animal Armor: Rhino Armor Zuko
  • Animal Armor: Wolf Armor Sokka
  • Battle Launchers: Zuko and Fire Hawk


Main article: LEGO Avatar: The Last Airbender
LEGO air temple

The Air temple LEGO set.

  • Air temple LEGO set (original cost of about $30; includes four hundred pieces)[2][3][4]
  • Fire Nation Ship LEGO set (original cost of about $50, includes 722 pieces)[2][3][4]

Later releases

During and after the run of The Legend of Korra, several new Avatar: The Last Airbender figures were made. Many of these are notably higher end than the earlier releases, the cheapest of which being 25 dollars.


The following toy(s) were not released in any of the three action figure series, but were specially released separately.

Plush Series

The following are still available to buy at Nickelodeon Universe. This is the list of the known stuff toys with size and current price.[5]

Appa plush

20" plush Appa.

  • Aang (14") ($9.99)
  • Appa (18" and 30") ($18.99 and $39.99)
  • Katara (12.5") ($9.99)
  • Momo (9") ($9.99)
  • Sokka (about 13") ($9.99)
  • Zuko (about 14") ($9.99)


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