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Appa's mother was the flying bison who gave birth to Appa and four other flying bison, with whom she lived at the Eastern Air Temple. She was large compared to Appa and the other baby sky bison, who were less than one tenth of her size.[1]


Appa's mother appeared to Appa in a dream when he was feeling alone. She was flying along at the Eastern Air Temple with her five calves circling around her, heading toward Sister Iio and several Air Nomad children, among whom stood Aang. She nuzzled her children tenderly before willingly directing them to the platform where the Air Nomad boys were awaiting them. She was later one of the victims of the Air Nomad Genocide.[1]


Appa's mother


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)


  • Appa's mother is missing the tip of her right horn.
    • A sky bison similar in appearance to Appa's mother and who was also missing the tip of her right horn grazed near the Northern Air Temple in 171 AG.[2]


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