Amulet Quest is an online platform adventure game hosted on, based on the Avatar: The Last Airbender series.


Help Aang recover four of the amulet pieces in four separate stages.

Collect a total of sixteen amulet pieces that have been hidden throughout four different levels. Each of the four levels represents one of the four bending arts, and each has four amulet pieces to be collected along with several power-ups and hidden items. 


  • Up arrow key – Jump
  • Down arrow key – Crouch down or crouch and roll while moving
  • Left arrow key – Move leftward
  • Right arrow key – Move rightward
  • Space bar – Airbend (hold for more power) or close menu
  • Shift key – Press while moving to walk slowly


Aang must travel through four levels to collect the pieces of four stone amulets. Each level represents one of the four elements, and is themed after that nation's architecture. Besides the amulet pieces, other collectible items exist within each level: keys, health potions, scrolls, and chests. Health potions will restore a set amount of Aang's health, while scrolls grant new abilities or strengthen Aang's attributes. Also within each level are multiple save points, which can be used to save one's progress.

There are multiple types of keys, each with a different appearance and purpose. Three types of keys, bronze, silver, and gold, open a corresponding chest. Bronze chests completely restore Aang's chi, while the silver and gold chests correspond with a bonus point counter that reduces over time: silver chests grant half of the bonus points, while gold grants all of them, and will also reset the bonus point counter to maximum. The other major types of key deal with doors and gates. Each level has one gate key that opens up the level exit, while regular keys open gates that block off level paths. Hidden in one level is a special skeleton key, which can be used in any level to mimic the functions of all key types.

In each level, Aang will start with a certain amount of health, referred to as chi. Aang has an infinite amount of lives, but he can lose chi after being hit by firebender attacks or after falling from a high location. If Aang loses all his chi or falls into a gap, he will respawn either at the beginning of the level or at the last save point. Aang can defend himself by firing balls of air.

At the end of each level, a screen will pop up showing Aang's point total in that level. While abilities are maintained from level to level, restarting a level will require the player to recollect all four amulet pieces in that level. Upon completing all four levels, another screen will pop up showing Aang's overall point totals.


While completing each level, Aang can collect scrolls that increase his abilities. Some scrolls increase attributes, while others grant airbending skills. Aang's kite staff is also available, and is hidden in one of the levels. While the order of levels is not specifically dictated, each level requires the use of at least one special airbending skill to fully complete.

  • Chi scrolls – Increase Aang's overall health. Can be upgraded to a maximum level of 8.
  • Airbending scrolls – Increase the power of Aang's airbending attacks. Can be upgraded to a maximum level of 8.
  • Air Build scrolls – increase the speed of air generation. Can be upgraded to a maximum level of 8.
  • Strength scrolls – Increase the distance Aang can fall from without taking damage. Can be upgraded to a maximum level of 8.
  • Lift scrolls – Increase the distance Aang can glide. Can be upgraded to a maximum level of 4
  • Sprint scrolls – Grant Aang the ability to perform a fast sprint by double tapping the left or right arrow key in the direction of travel. Sprinting allows for faster movement and can fuel longer jumps.
  • Double jump scrolls – Allow Aang to perform a double jump by pressing the up arrow while in the air.
  • Air cushion scrolls – Allow Aang to eliminate damage from falls by firing a ball of air at the ground while falling.
  • Flight – Upon locating the kite staff, Aang can glide for a limited time and distance, dictated by the number of lift scrolls collected. Flight is limited to certain takeoff points, which are identified in game.


  • There are many areas throughout where one can become stuck and is forced to restart the game.


  • As it is hosted on a British site, this game is the only one to be exclusively branded as Avatar: The Legend of Aang instead of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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