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Air Nomad shaving tool

An authentic Air Nomad shaving tool, refurbished to its original state, was presented to Tenzin upon his arrival at the Southern Air Temple.

The Air Nomad shaving tool is a sharpened object used for the removal of unwanted body hair through shaving. There were several different types of shaving tools, and they were frequently used by the Air Nomads, as part of their culture entailed to go through life entirely or partially bald, depending on the gender. The idea behind this practice was to be more in touch with their natural element.[1]

Known types

Aang's shaving tool

Aang shaving

Aang used his shaving tool on a regular basis.

Aang's personal shaving tool that he used during his travels during the Hundred Year War was curved and blue in color. The tool was used by him during his morning preparations for the day ahead in Ba Sing Se,[2] as well as just before the invasion of the Fire Nation to expose the arrow on his head, identifying himself as the Avatar and an airbender.[3]

Tenzin's shaving tool

In 171 AG, Abbot Shung had one of the original Air Nomads' head shavers refurbished in order to offer it to Tenzin as a gift when he visited the Southern Air Temple.[4] The shaver consists of a circular headpiece around which several blades are distributed. It can be held with one hand by a handle which comes from the upper region of the shaver. The shaver's body is connected to a set of fan blades.


In real life, monks shave their heads and faces to show commitment to their spiritual life and to discourage vanity. In the World of Avatar, the same act holds for all native airbenders, though nuns only shave their foreheads to show the ends of their arrows.


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