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"You already have the hearts of Air Nomads, so I've decided to teach you the ways of the Air Nomads."
Aang announcing his decision to teach Air Nomad traditions to the Official Avatar Aang Fan Club.[1]

Air Acolytes
Air Acolytes
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Avatar Aang


The air temples


Air Nation


Carry on the culture and traditions of the Air Nomads


Active (since 101 AG)

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The Promise Part 3

The Air Acolytes are monks and nuns who reside on Air Temple Island and in the four original air temples. Although they are not airbenders themselves, they carry on the teachings, culture, and traditions of the Air Nomads through practice, as taught to them by Avatar Aang.[2]


Fan Club becomes Air Acolytes

Aang dubbed his fan club the Air Acolytes.

The Air Acolytes were founded in 101 AG from the members of the Official Avatar Aang Fan Club. Aang himself taught the members of the group the ways of the Air Nomads and christened them the "Air Acolytes", rather than a mere fan club.[1] The Acolytes' numbers eventually grew, and they lived in the four ancient air temples, the restoration of which Aang commenced.

Forty-two years prior to Avatar Korra's arrival in Republic City, an Air Acolyte represented the Air Nation on the United Republic Council.[3]

The Acolytes were on Air Temple Island upon Korra's arrival, and they later assisted Tenzin in reconstructing the two-thousand-year-old airbending gates after Korra destroyed them during her airbending training.[4] When Mako, Bolin, and Asami were rendered homeless, some of the Air Acolytes assisted them with moving to Air Temple Island, piloting the Air Temple Island ferry and transferring all of their luggage off the boat and into their rooms, gaining Asami's praise as "amazing" and "tireless workers".[5]

Two Air Acolytes later helped Pema when she was giving birth to her fourth child, Rohan. Shortly thereafter, they evacuated the island via flying bison in response to the Equalist attack on Republic City.[6]

When Tenzin, his siblings, and family arrived at the Southern Air Temple in 171 AG, Abbot Shung and the acolytes helped them unpack their things and gave both Tenzin and Pema gifts for giving the airbenders new life. A female acolyte confused Kya and Bumi for airbenders as well, only to be promptly corrected by the former.[7]

Two weeks after Zaheer and the known Red Lotus members were taken down, the Air Acolytes on Air Temple Island attended Jinora's anointment ceremony as an airbending master.[8]


  • Male Air Acolytes wear yellow robes with a red sash, while female members wear red robes with a yellow sash.[4] However, Abbot Shung, despite being a male Air Acolyte, also wears a red robe with a yellow sash.[7]
  • Male Air Acolytes either completely or partially shave their heads even though they do not receive customary Air Nomad tattoos. Most female Air Acolytes, however, do not partially shave their heads as female Air Nomads did.
  • Although the Air Acolytes carry on many of the traditions of the Air Nomads, they do not observe the practice of gender segregation to the same extent, as while they have separate areas for personal use,[5] both males and females inhabit each air temple.


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