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Hey guys!! You remember beerfest? Check out this idea of a sandbending parody. Tightly wound Toph is so very frustrated with not being able to sandbend simply for the purpose of not being able to master an aspect of earthbending like she did with her metal bending tricks. And since the war is over, she needs some thing to do to pass the time, like teach little earthbending newbies to do their thing. Problem is, when it comes to the sandbending session of class, she's at the end of her rope. She goes to that same juice bar in the Si Wong desert and gets a couple of dirty mangotinis and gets plain wasted. Suddenly she walks into class one day and is bending the **** out of sand and is regaling her students with her awesome new ability. And then class goes to sandfest and oh man, i think u guys can sense that im running out of ideas but hey, look at it this way, im NOT ten and if u cuss me out about my idea, i will cut you.

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